En colaboración con la pastelería francesa Patachou, te llevamos a un mundo de sabores que nunca has probado antes.

Durante 2 h30,  saboreamos 7 tés premium diferentes . Aprenderemos sobre la cultura del té, su proceso de elaboración, sus sabores, sus beneficios y las combinaciones con comida rica . Iremos saboreando a lo largo de la experiencia varios choux con sabores ricos.
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4 valoraciones en Degustación de tés gourmet y choux deliciosos

  1. Stepan

    Whenever you are in another country, you naturally want to get to know the culture and the people of this country. Could we do it while enjoying a cup of tea? But, of course .. 🙂 In the tea shop is friendly and loving atmosphere the tea is made with love.Valentine is a Wonderful and sociable woman. This really is a unique shop. Far away from the tourist routes. Here you can really relax.

  2. Victor

    This was an amazing course as I wanted to learn more about tea and who better than a tea sommelier to teach me! Valentine has set up a wonderful course reviewing the history and development of the different tea varieties, their benefits, when they are best, how to think about color, taste, smell, and the food pairing. These are quality teas! I am now much more informed and she gave me several tips on how to store and consume tea. I found Valentine to have a very warm welcoming personality. She is clearly passionate about tea and is educating us on the benefits. She also has an online ordering business and supplies high end restaurants which was pretty surprising. Last but not least I was also served some pastries, choux, from the French store Patachou located in the district of Eixample.

  3. Mingjie

    Was a very nice experience. Were only two of us, me and my friend. Valentine shared with us all the things that we are curious about tea world. The surprise we received at the end of the tasting was amazing. I really enjoyed the whole experience. After a intense week at work, I had a very chill but productive Friday afternoon.

  4. Evgenia

    Valentina is a delightful host, very knowledgeable and professional. From the mythology and history to the actual composition of the tea – the information she provided was fun and well-structured. Not to mention her attention to details. The table was set immaculately. Every kind of tea was accompanied by a treat prepared specially for it. We learned a lot, laughed a lot and had some delicious fine tea with the best choux pastry in Barcelona. It was an evening to remember!

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